While window and door replacement isn’t the most glamorous of remodeling projects, it certainly shouldn’t be overlooked. There is a significant value added to your home by replacing your windows and doors. Whether it’s due to low quality, aging, rotted or drafty, we can replace your windows and doors and improve your home’s energy efficiency and curb appeal. Our experienced team is knowledgeable on many window and door products as well as proper installation.

10 Reasons to Replace your Windows

Replacing your home’s windows may seem like a big and costly undertaking. However, the benefits far outweigh any drawback. Check out our top reasons you should replace your windows. LEARN MORE.


Vinyl vs Wood Windows

Do you need to replace your old windows, but aren’t sure if you should go with vinyl or wood?  Here are some points to consider about vinyl and wood windows. LEARN MORE. 

Certified Andersen Windows & Doors Contractor

Home Check Plus is a Certified Andersen Windows & Doors Contractor. You can trust we will properly install your windows and doors. LEARN MORE.