Screen porches are a great way to enjoy a nice day without having full exposure to everything the great outdoors offer. They provide the perfect spot to sip a cup of a coffee, read a book or dine with the family. Upgrading your screen porch with Eze-Breeze Porch Windows will make you love the space even more! Eze-Breeze Porch Windows have four adjustable panels; allowing for multiple ventilation options. They essentially offer the ability to perform as a window with full enclosure and a screen. Eze-Breeze Porch Windows create a warm and inviting space you can use for three seasons in Minnesota. Scroll through to learn more about the great features of Eze Breeze Porch Windows.


Reasons You’d Love EZE-Breeze Porch Windows



Eze-Breeze porch windows have 4 adjustable panels, allowing for various ventilation options or complete closure.


Low Maintenance


Keeping a screen porch clean can be a challenge; especially cabins or lake homes! The complete closure option of the porch windows prevents dirt from entering. Cleaning the windows is also a breeze as the panels can just be removed.




The frames of Eze-Breeze porch windows add a warm feeling to the porch while still allowing for great sight lines.




There are many size and color options to fit all porch designs. Eze-Breeze offers a fixed window and door option as well for a complete package.




The window film is very durable and won’t crack or break. You can actually punch the film and it will return to it’s original form!


UV Protection


Eze-Breeze porch windows offer better UV protection over glass and remain neutral versus absorbing heat. The window film also helps prevent fading of fabrics and finishes.