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Kitchen Remodeling Trends

Considering a kitchen remodel?  Check out some of the latest kitchen remodeling trends!  The underlying theme is to incorporate elements that reflect your personal taste and accommodate your lifestyle.

Faucet It Is All In The Arc
Kitchen faucets with high arcs add ease & convenience.
Kitchen Island Accent Color Accent Color
Use color to draw attention to a dominate piece or break up monotony.
Composite Sink Composite Sinks
They are tough and withstand everyday cuts, heat and stains. If you can't handle the heat...get out of the kitchen!
Kitchen Lighting Lighting
Make your kitchen well lit by including three types of lighting - ambient, task & accent. They say good things come in threes. 
Cabinets: Roll-Out Trays Drawer Features
Personalize your cabinets with wine racks, roll out trays, built in trash & recycling containers.
Wood Floor Flooring
Go old school with extra wide plank hardwood floors or retro green with linoleum. 
Stainless Steel Appliances Stainless Steel Appliances
They provide easy maintenance and a contemporary look & feel. 
Gourment Kitchen Gourmet Kitchen
Inspire to be the next Food Network Star with chef style equipment. They provide easy maintenance and a contemporary look & feel. 


Featured Kitchen Remodel:

We updated this kitchen with new oak cabinets, tile backsplash, acrylic sink, laminate countertops, and appliances!

Kitchen Remodel

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