An addition is an easy way to make your home more livable by simply increasing the square footage. We find additions are a common project for our clients who love their home and location, but simply need more space. From concept sketches to construction, you can trust Home Check Plus will provide innovative ideas and quality workmanship.  When you’re thinking about adding on to your home, there are some things to keep in mind, check them out below.

Wish List

The best place to start is with a wish list. Ask yourself what problems you want to solve and what goals you want to achieve. Once you have the list, rank the improvements in order of priority.

Rules & Restrictions

It is important to look into any legal restrictions of what can be built on the property, such as how close a structure can be built to property lines or height restrictions.


You don’t want your new master suite to overpower the house or make a room that could hardly be considered a closet. Keep things in proportion.


When designing your new space, be open to new possibilities. Being open to change allows you to use your new space to the best of its ability.

Expand Efficiently

Though additions are about getting extra room, they don’t need to be large.


An angled arrangement offers opportunities to add interesting exterior elements.

Material Match

A perfect or complimentary match can help make a new addition look like it’s been there all along.


Mimicking the style and pitch, or angle, of a building’s original roofline helps an addition fit in with the original structure.

Architectural Details

Repetition of architectural features including windows, trim, doors, gutters, lighting and hardware is key to a well-designed addition.


An otherwise well-designed addition can look like it was hastily tacked on if the landscaping doesn’t follow the style of the original house.


Pay attention to how the addition looks from the outside and inside your home.