Dale Gruber’s Winter Home Maintenance Tips!

Winter can give home a real performance test. Bitter cold temperatures for a prolonged period of time and then a sudden warmer day can cause a dramatic change to your home’s environment. As a result, you may notice a few things around your home — some are just natural, nothing to be concerned about, while others should be checked out by a professional.

Not To Worry:     

  • Popping noises in attic
  • Some condensation or frost on windows
  • Exterior doors rubbing on the threshold
  • Condensation on skylights
  • Slight lifting of ceilings at center of home
  • Some ice build up on roof eaves
  • Snow covering on roof vents
  • Lifting of concrete sidewalks & driveways
  • Lifting of asphalt driveways
  • Minor squeaks in the floor or stairs
  • Hinges squeaking on doors and cabinets
  • Unable to open sliding patio door

Call Home Check Plus:

  • Dripping skylights
  • Stained ceilings near outer walls
  • Doors or windows not latching properly
  • Large ice dams with water dripping inside
  • Air blowing through windows
  • Cracks in ceiling or walls
  • Smell of sewer in home
  • Sags in ceilings or overhangs
  • Laundry dryer not drying properly
  • Furnace running more than usual
  • Bath fans making a lot of noise
  • Egress window well is full of snow


For more winter home maintenance tips, click here! As always, we are here to help — if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.


Stay warm!


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