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General Contractor Liability

General Contractor Liability

Thinking about acting as your own general contractor for your remodel or new home project? If so, it is important you have adequate liability insurance protection. Reason being:  if a subcontractor you hire is injured on the job, you could be held responsible for their injuries. 

When you act as your own contractor, you basically become an employer and the subcontractors you hire are your employees. If they are injured during the course of construction, you have the same responsibilities as any other employer has to their employees. In most cases you are required to carry workers' compensation insurance to provide benefits to injured workers.

I recommend being selective with subcontractors -- do your research. Ask their references about quality of work and make sure they acted in a safe and professional manner on the job. Your subcontractors should be both licensed and insured. Choosing subcontractors with their own liability and workers compensation insurance, reduces your potential liability and provides you with an additional safeguard. I also recommend having them list you as an additional insured, which might help reduce your exposure. 

Enjoy your spring! 


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