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August 10, 2016
10 Reasons to Replace Your Windows

Replacing your home's windows may seem like a big and costly undertaking. However, the benefits far outweigh any drawback. Here are our top 10 reasons you should replace your windows. 

1. Decreased Utility Costs. Many older homes have the original windows built with single-pane glass. Replacing aging and drafty windows with tight fitting and energy efficient windows can significantly reduce energy bills. New windows offer heat reflecting low-E coatings and argon filled glass. Homeowners can expect to save 10-25% each year on heating and cooling costs. 

2. Environmental Impacts. Not only do energy efficient windows reduce your energy bills, but they also reduce your home's carbon footprint. It pays to go green!

3. Increased Curb Appeal. New windows can really enhance your home's curb appeal. There are a wide variety of style options available that are aesthetically pleasing and will complement your home's architectural style. 

4. Fade Protection. The sun's ultraviolet rays are powerful and cause furniture, artwork, carpet and finishes to fade. Newer windows are constructed with glass to block ultraviolet rays to prevent fading from the sun. 

5. Reduce Noise. Replacing your single-pane windows with dual pane or laminated glass will reduce the amount of outside noise you can hear inside your home. 

6. Eliminate Storm Windows. No more dealing with storm windows! Enough said. 

7. Clean Windows With Ease. The design of new windows make it incredibly easier & safer to clean. 

8. Increase Safety. Speaking of safety, having windows that are easy to open and close is important, especially in the event of a fire.

9. Reduce Water & Air Leaks. Older windows are more susceptible to issues caused by rain and other weather related elements. Leaking windows can lead to water damage, mold and mildew.  

10. Less Maintenance. Replacing your old windows can reduce maintenance and the costs involved in doing so (ie: painting). 

If you're considering replacing your windows, we'd love the opportunity to provide you an estimate to do so. During our site visit we can determine the best window option for you based on your needs, home's architecture and budget. Our staff is skilled in measuring your windows to ensure proper fit as well as installing windows, so they perform as intended and you can reap all the above benefits. 

We are also Certified Andersen Window Installers. Find out what that means, here.

CALL US (320-529-4800) or EMAIL (rachel@homecheckplus.com) today for your FREE estimate! 

May 19, 2016
HCP's 10 Painting Tips!
1. Picking a Paint Color

It is really difficult to tell how an entire room will look just by a small paint swatch. We highly recommend buying a few samples to see how they look in the room and at different times of the day. Sherwin Williams also has a neat color visualizer tool. Click here to check it out. 


2. How much paint to buy

It is important to buy ALL the paint you will need for a room prior to starting. If you underestimate the quantity, you run the risk of the next batch of paint not matching your existing paint. Measure the height and length of the room, then add up the square footage. Generally speaking one gallon of paint covers 250-350 sqft. Factors such as wall texture and paint color will affect the amount of paint needed. 


3. Wall prep

To get the best results, wipe down the walls prior to painting. Using a swiffer works wells for this task. This way any dust or dirt is removed and not buried under the paint.


4. Drop cloths

Using drops cloths can save yourself from having to replace your carpet; especially if you are using free labor (aka your kids). Label your drop cloths so you know which side is clean & safe to place on your floor and which side should always face up!

Drop Cloth.jpg

5. Paint Vertically

This may seem obvious for some, but you want to make sure to roll the paint on vertically in a slight "W" pattern. 

Paint Vertically.jpg

6. Cutting In

For cutting in, it is best to use an angled 2"-2.5" brush. Also, cutting in as you go versus waiting until you've rolled the entire room, prevents color variations.

Cutting In.jpg

7. Taking breaks 

Need to take a break? A simple trick is to wrap your roller with Glad wrap - it prevents the paint from drying. 

Paint Roller.jpg

8. Minimize hassle on small jobs

If you're just doing a touch up or small job, you might not want to go through the entire process of pouring paint into the tray, etc. Placing a rubber band around the can is a great solution to eliminate extra paint on the brush.

6-4-13 Paint Can Rubber Band.jpg

9. Take the tape off

Mask off areas with blue painters tape. We suggest removing the tape soon after you finish the project, so you can check for any paint. Do so at a 45 degree angle and moderate pace.

Paint Tape.jpg

10. Label your paint

Place a little dollop of the paint color on the top of the lid and also label the room where it was used, so you know in the future.

label paint.jpg



May 4, 2016
Why Choose a Design-Build Remodeling Contractor

One of the aspects I enjoy most about my job is seeing a project go from concept to completion. The process is incredibly satisfying. The great thing about being a design-build contractor, is we get to experience this on a regular basis; both with residential and Dale Gruber Construction's commercial projects. We also get to work closely with our clients and guide them throughout the various construction phases.

What is Design-Build?

Being a design-build remodeling contractor simply means we can both design and build your remodel project. The design aspect can include a variety of different elements of project, such as:

  • Drawing plans
  • Creating layout
  • Determining architectural style
  • Selecting products & finishes
  • Developing solutions
  • Suggesting design elements

Benefits of working with a Design-Build Remodeler

One point of contact and one contract. Working with us means you're working with just one company from start to finish. 

Efficient. Our design-build projects are completed efficiently and in a shorter time frame. The process is streamlined and well thought out to keep the project progressing.

Smooth process. When one entity is responsible for any and all construction and design elements, it prevents conflicting recommendations from contractor and architect. We create a team for the project and work collaboratively; making it a smooth experience for the homeowner. 

Best value. As a design-build remodeler we deliver the best value by evaluating budget solutions early in the design process. As ideas are brought to the table, they can be analyzed and determine what is right for the job.

Communication. Communication is incredibly important for projects to be successful. A design-build contractor facilitates open communication and makes sure all team members stay on the same page. We also make it a priority to keep the homeowner informed from the initial visit to the completion.

Cost savings. Essentially all the points stated above lead to cost savings. Design-build projects are delivered faster, more cost-effective and with fewer change orders that lead to unforeseen costs and schedule delays. We focus on making sure our projects are completed on time and on (or under) budget. 

We'd love to help design and build your next home project! Give us a call at 320-529-4800 or click here to send an email.


March 8, 2016
NEW Andersen Windows Security Technology!

Check this out, Andersen's VeriLock technology can tell you not only when your windows and doors are open, but also whether or not they are locked! 

Benefits of Andersen windows & doors with VeriLock include:

  • Connected Home - Now you can monitor your windows and doors when you're away from home like you can monitor your thermostat or lighting.
  • Preserve Beauty - The wireless sensors are integrated into their windows and doors.
  • Maintains Warranty - Other sensors require drilling, which can void warranties.
  • Maximizes Energy Efficiency - Air escapes through unlocked windows and doors. VeriLock sensors tell you which windows and doors are opened or unlocked to help manage air loss. 

Interested in learning more about Andersen windows? Or want to get a quote on replacing your windows (we work with all brands)? CALL US at 320-529-4800 or email matt@homecheckplus.com


From andersenwindows.com

February 10, 2016
Remodeling Cost vs Value

Remodeling Magazine's annual Cost vs. Value report is out! This report compares the average cost of  popular remodeling projects with the value the projects retain if one were to sell their home. The national average is 64.4%, which is the 2nd highest in the last eight years!

If you're looking to make some improvements to your home before putting it on the market, this report can help you gauge your ROI. However, many of our clients remodel their home to better suit their needs/wants and you can't exactly put a dollar amount on enjoying your home. 

Click here for the report.