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June 8, 2017
5 Great Deck Railing Options

Deck season is finally here! This weather is great for spending time on a deck, whether it is grilling, entertaining or just relaxing. When most people are thinking about adding a deck to their house, the material of the deck itself is usually what comes to mind first. However, the railing material is also something to consider. We've built many beautiful decks using a variety of different railing systems. Check out a few of them below. 

Aluminum Posts & Spindles

Aluminum railing systems, whether custom made or otherwise are a popular choice. Aluminum is very resistant to weather elements, maintenance free and there are many designs and colors options to choose from. 



Composite Posts & Spindles

Composite railing systems pair nicely with a composite deck. The look is very clean and classic. Composite decking material is also maintenace free and eco-friendly. 



Composite Posts & Aluminum Spindles

If you can't declde between composite and aluminum, why not use both!? Composite deck railing systems have a variety color options, so you can select two accent colors. These posts have LED light caps to illuminate the deck once the sun has set. 



Composite Posts & Glass Panels

Glass panels are nice for when you want minimal obstruction of the views from your deck. Great for scenic back yards or lake homes. They are also a good option for families with kidsas they won't attempt to jam their head or toys between the railings. Another benefit is they can help block any wind.

 Deck - Monarch Composite Decking & Railing with Glass Panels


Ornate Aluminum Railing

This deck features an aluminum railing system with French Bastille spindles. A custom made railing allows you to be creative and can really add to the overall design of the deck.


May 12, 2017
May is National Home Remodeling Month!

It's our favorite month of the year...May is National Home Remodeling Month! We enjoy our client's excitement and eagerness to get started their next home remodeling project. 

Not to toot our own horn, but we are honored to be featured in the April issue of Trend magazine for a remodel project we worked on with the talented Mark Suess. Click here to check it out. Also, Home Check Plus was included in Remodeling Magazine's top 550 remodeling contractors. We ranked 183 in the nation! 

What can Home Check Plus do for you?

As a full-service remodeling contractor, we are your trusted contractor for all your home improvement needs. Here's a list of some of our services:

  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms
  • Additions
  • Porches & Decks
  • Windows & Doors
  • Roofing & Siding
  • Basement Finishing
  • Garages

Remodeling Advice

Here are some helpful guides to check out.

Remodeling Info & Ideas

Click on each of these for great information on various remodeling projects. 

Do you have a remodeling project you've been dreaming about? We'd love to work with you. Give us a call, 320-529-4800 or email rachel@homecheckplus.com

April 26, 2017
Is your home ready for April showers?

April showers are here! Is your home ready? Here are some of our tips!

  • Clean Gutters. Make sure your gutters are free of leaves and debris, so they can function as intended. Also, be sure your downspouts are running away from the house.
  • Check Sump Pump. If you have a sump pump, check to see if it is working!
  • Landscaping Holes. Look around your house for any holes or low points and fill in if need be. Water can pool in those areas and it is a slippery slope to getting water in your basement.
  • Rain Barrel. Now is a great time to set up a rain barrel. The water can be used later to water your plants.
  • Stay Off Wet Grass. A lot of rain can leave your lawn quite fragile. So, it is best to stay off if possible. Avoid raking wet grass especially as it can damage the roots. 
  • Seeding. If you want to seed some areas of your lawn to spruce it up, do it now! This rain will help it grow and you'll have nice, lush, green grass before you know it. 

Call us (320-529-4800) or email if you have any questions or concerns. We're here to help! 

March 9, 2017
6 Reasons You'd Love Eze-Breeze Porch Windows

Screen porches are a great way to enjoy a nice day without having full exposure to everything the great outdoors offers. They provide the perfect spot to sip a cup of a coffee, read a book or dine with the family. Upgrading your screen porch with Eze-Breeze Porch Windows will make you love the space even more! Here's why:

1. Ventilation. Eze-Breeze porch windows have 4 adjustable panels, allowing for various ventilation options or complete closure.

2. Low Maintenance. Keeping a screen porch clean can be a challenge; especially cabins or lake homes! The complete closure option of the porch windows prevents dirt from entering. Cleaning the windows is also a breeze as the panels can just be removed. 

3. Ambiance. The frames of Eze-Breeze porch windows add a warm feeling to the porch while still allowing for great sight lines. 

4. Options. There are many size and color options to fit all porch designs. Eze-Breeze offers a fixed window and door option as well for a complete package.

5. Durability. The window film is very durable and won't crack or break. You can actually punch the film and it will return to it's original form!

6. UV Protection. Eze-Breeze porch windows offer better UV protection over glass and remain neutral versus absorbing heat. The window film also helps prevent fading of fabrics and finishes. 

Interested in Eze-Breeze porch windows? Give us a call 320-529-4800. Spring is right around the corner! 


February 1, 2017
Featured Products from International Builders Show 2017!

Our Estimator/Project Manager, Matt Cecko, recently was in Orlando for National Association Home Builders International Builders' Show. While he spent most of the time in meetings representing the CMBA as president, he was able to walk through the vendor show. Here are a some products from IBS that we'd like to highlight.

Formica Writable 

Formica has come out with a new product that is just like wipe off boards! The Writable Surfaces are available in a few patterns as well as classic white. They can be mounted on walls, cabinets, countertops, etc. Formica Writable would be perfect for many applications -- kitchens, kids play rooms, homework zones & more. They would work great in businesses for brainstorming sessions too! 

Formica Writable

Sterling Shower Bench

Sterling shower surround is a product we use for our clients quite frequently. They now have the option of a removable bench! Ladies and aging adults can definitely appreciate having a small bench in the shower. An added bonus: the benches are economical! 

Sterling Shower Bench

Kohler Workstation Sink 

This Kohler kitchen sink is one of many brands that are helping make food prep a breeze. There are several workstation accessory options available including a cutting board and colander.

Kohler Workstation Sink


Azek Lanscape Pavers

Azek interlocking pavers are made from a high performance composite material, but look like natural stone. They are easy to install, durable, come in a variety of colors and are made with 95% recycled material! Azek pavers are great for patios, walkways, decks, driveways and more. 

Azek Pavers


Kitchen Products

Cambria Quartz - Roxwell

Cambria Quartz Countertops

New Cambria designs! We like the wavy pattern in Roxwell. One of the many great features of Cambria is all designs are the same price. Click here to check out all the design palette options.  

Kitchen - Wall Mounted Pot Filler

Wall Mounted Pot Filler

A wall mounted pot filler is a super convenient feature to include in a kitchen. The photo is of a pot filler from Moen. This kitchen design idea is especially nice for anyone that loves cooking and/or doesn't love going to the gym (a pot full of water is heavy!!)

Kitchen Cabinetry Options

Custom Cabinetry

Customize your kitchen cabinetry with elements that are fitting for your lifestyle. Some options include: garbage & recycling compartments, kitchen utensils, coffee bars, pull out pantries, spice racks and more.


Bathroom Products

Bathroom Soaking Tub 

Freestanding Bathtub

Freestanding bathtubs have been gaining popularity over the last few years. Their simple, beautiful design creates a focal point feature and spa-like feel to any bathroom. Freestanding bathtubs are available in a variety of shapes and styles.

Panasonic Bathroom Fan 

Panasonic Bathroom Fan

We can't stress enough the importance of having and using your bathroom fan. Panasonic has a bathroom fan with an adjustable CFM. This element is great if after installation it is determined your bathroom needs additional airflow. 

Bathroom Shower Heads 

Shower Head Options 

Steam shower, rain shower head, multiple shower heads, body sprays...so many shower options to choose from!


Exterior Products

Andersen Windows VeriLock

Andersen Windows VeriLock

Andersen windows & doors with VeriLock technology have integrated security sensors that can tell you when they are opened or not locked. As an Andersen Certified Installer, we are trained to properly install Andersen windows & doors.

GAF Shingles

GAF Roof Shingles

GAF makes a quality shingle product. If you'd like something a little different than your standard shingle, check out their Sienna collection - provides a classic old world elegance at an affordable price. Home Check Plus is proud to be a GAF Certified Installer. 

Velux Skylights

Velux Skylights

Skylights are a great way to create additional light in any room. We've installed Velux skylights in many of our clients' homes.