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6 Reasons You'd Love Eze-Breeze Porch Windows

6 Reasons You'd Love Eze-Breeze Porch Windows

Screen porches are a great way to enjoy a nice day without having full exposure to everything the great outdoors offers. They provide the perfect spot to sip a cup of a coffee, read a book or dine with the family. Upgrading your screen porch with Eze-Breeze Porch Windows will make you love the space even more! Here's why:

1. Ventilation. Eze-Breeze porch windows have 4 adjustable panels, allowing for various ventilation options or complete closure.

2. Low Maintenance. Keeping a screen porch clean can be a challenge; especially cabins or lake homes! The complete closure option of the porch windows prevents dirt from entering. Cleaning the windows is also a breeze as the panels can just be removed. 

3. Ambiance. The frames of Eze-Breeze porch windows add a warm feeling to the porch while still allowing for great sight lines. 

4. Options. There are many size and color options to fit all porch designs. Eze-Breeze offers a fixed window and door option as well for a complete package.

5. Durability. The window film is very durable and won't crack or break. You can actually punch the film and it will return to it's original form!

6. UV Protection. Eze-Breeze porch windows offer better UV protection over glass and remain neutral versus absorbing heat. The window film also helps prevent fading of fabrics and finishes. 

Interested in Eze-Breeze porch windows? Give us a call 320-529-4800. Spring is right around the corner! 


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