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October 2, 2013
Basement Finishing Design Ideas

Finishing the basement is one of the best ways to expand your living space.  It can also be a pretty complicated process, so it is wise to leave it to a professional-trained contractor...like, us (wink, wink -- nudge, nudge)!  Here are some basement finishing ideas and things to keep in mind.

Basement Design Ideas:

Home Theater

Home theater
Get the same feeling of being at the cinema with a large screen, theater system & comfortable chairs. 
Hobby Area

Hobby area
Personalize the space to match your hobbies like games, crafts or a play area for the kids. 
Wet Bar  Wet bar
Ideal for entertaining -- no need to tip! 
Home Gym  Home gym
Make use of your exercise equipment by creating your own personal gym. 
Wine Cellar  Wine cellar
If you are a wine connoisseur, your basement is a perfect place to store your collection of wines. 
Laundry Room  Relocate laundry
A laundry area in the basement will free up space on the main level. 
Light Colored Walls & Floors  Light colored flooring & wall finishes
Help brighten the space up or use a mixture of light and dark to create shadows similar to main levels. 
Window Well  Maximize natural light
Add more light in from outside with new windows or enlarge the existing ones. Creating expansive window well retaining walls also do the trick. 
Basement Lighting  Artificial light
A mix of indirect and recessed lighting with open the space up and allow for a variety of lighting moods. 
Mirrors  Mirrors
Mirrors, mirrors on the wall will make the space appear not as small. 
Bright Accents  Bright accents
Add cheer and drama with bright furniture or accent pillows, rugs and artwork. 

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