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July 10, 2015
Does your home need new siding?

As a full service remodeler, siding replacement is one of many services offered by Home Check Plus.  We provide excellent workmanship and use only high quality products.  Whether you want to update the appearance of your home or make it more energy efficient, we can help!


Does your home need new siding?

If you aren’t sure, ask yourself these questions:

  1. Is the old siding chipped, rotten in places or falling off here and there?
  2. Has your siding warped or faded in recent years?
  3. Are you putting more time and effort into maintaining the house siding?
  4. Has moisture made its way between the seams or under the siding?
  5. Do you have to scrape and repaint your house more often than you used to?
  6. Have you noticed an increase in drafts and higher power bill for heating and cooling?

If you answer yes, to any of those questions, it is probably time for new siding.  Contact us to schedule a site visit. 


Exterior Siding Options

When it comes to deciding on the type of siding, it is important to choose a material that fits the style of your house and your lifestyle.  Here are some of the most popular options. 


Vinyl Siding - won't rot or flake and is usually less expensive, but it can crack and fade


Wood Clapboard  - with periodic care, solid wood (usually cedar, pine, spruce, redwood, cypress or Douglas fir) siding maintain their beauty for a long time


Seamless Steel Siding - very strong and resists shrinking, custom fit to the exact measurements of your home, wood like texture or corrugated looks available


Engineered Wood Siding - OSB, hardboard, veneered plywood are examples, fairly inexpensive to install, does not look exactly like wood, but more natural than vinyl or aluminum


Cedar Shingle Siding - also called "shakes" - often stained brown, gray or other earth tones; blending nicely with wooded landscapes


Stucco Siding - durable and relatively low maintenance, add a tint and you may never have to paint  


Stone Veneer Siding - granite, limestone, slate and others are beautiful and pretty much unaffected by weather, but they are on the expensive side, precast stone veneers are more affordable and can look pretty authentic


Aluminum Siding - easy to maintain, durable and fireproof, but it can dent and fade


Brick & Brick Veneer Siding - available in a wide variety of nice earthy colors, lasts for centuries, but it is more expensive 


Cement Fiber Siding - can have the appearance of wood, stucco or masonry, very durable and natural looking

Exterior Home Visualizer

Visualize your home's exterior with new siding, shingles, masonry, trim and accents.  First, you will need to either upload a photo of your home or choose from the model homes.  Then, you can use the pre-designed color palettes or experiment with the color options yourself.  Click here to start designing! 


July 2, 2014
DaVinci - Composite Slate Roof

Slate roofing tiles are arguably the most beautiful roofing product available! They are also fire resistant, environmentally friendly and they can last a long time. Unfortunately, natural slate tiles can be easily damaged and are a significant investment. Fortunately, there are DaVinci Slate shingles! These synthetic slate shingles have the beauty of a natural slate without the shortcomings. DaVinci Slate roofs are:

  • Extremely durable
  • Natural slate appearance
  • Easy installation
  • Fraction of the cost of natural slate
  • Maintenance free

DaVinci Slate products include three lines of composite slate: 

  1. Single Width Valore
  2. Multi-Width DaVinci
  3. Bellaforte

The DaVinci slate roofing materials are manufactured from a state-of-the-art engineered polymer, fashioned to look like genuine slate roofing, and are available in a broad palette of beautiful and distinctive colors and blends. You can even create your own custom color scheme!

Click here for a complete DaVinci Slate Comparison Guide

Davinci4.jpg Davinci5.jpg

August 7, 2013
Warning Signs of Storm Damage!

Did storms run through where you live recently? Sure, it is fun to check out photos off the hail and stormy clouds, but the next step is to check out your home for any possible storm damage. Here are some tips for identifying storm damage...

Common Signs of Roof Damage

  • Missing shingles
  • Bruises or dented asphalt shingles
  • Cracked or broken tile, slate, or concrete shingles
  • Granules collecting in gutters or downspouts
  • Leaks in your roof or ceiling
  • Dents on vents, gutters or flashing

Common Signs of Exterior or Siding Damage

  • Dings and dents
  • Cracks and splitting
  • Holes and breaks
  • Chipping and discoloration

Common Signs of Window Damage

  • Shattered windows
  • Cracks and holes
  • Broken panes
  • Damaged frame

If you think your home may have storm damage, give us a call at 320-529-4800 -- we're here to help! Note: we advise you to be cautious of storm chaser contractors...click here for some tips from the Central Minnesota Builders Association about hiring a contractor for your storm damage.

July 9, 2013
Do you need a new roof?

How often do you look at your roof? If you're like most people, you maybe quickly glance up at the roof line while you are pulling in and out of the driveway. The fact is the roof has a BIG role - to protect your home, so it is best to give your roof some attention once in a while. In order for the roof to perform as intended, the shingles and roof system need to be installed correctly and in good condition. So, what should you be looking for when you inspect your roof? The following are good indicators that your roof shingles need to be replaced.

1. Damaged Flashing - either bent or torn. May be due to improper installation, weathering or settling of home's foundation

2. Ceiling Spots - caused by a roof leak, check attic for leaks in deck

3. Missing Shingle Granules - bare spots on your shingles or excessive amount of granules in the gutters

4. Blisters - moisture in the shingle caused by poor drainage or inadequate ventilation

5. Shingle Buckling - may be caused by wrinkled underlayment, poor attic ventilation or new shingles applied over old shingles

6. Missing Shingles - due to either improper fastening or exposure to high winds

7. Algae Growth - dark discoloration, roof looks streaked & dirty

8. Rotting- caused by excess moisture absorption & retention  

9. Shingle Curling - usually a result of improper nailing or lack of attic ventilation

If you have any questions about the condition of your roof or want us to come take a look, contact us - we are happy to assist you with all your roofing needs!  

June 3, 2013
Gutter Maintenance & Leaf Guard Option

Looking around the state, it is pretty obvious, Minnesotans love trees! They provide beauty, shade & protection to name a few reasons why they are so great. Cleaning up after their fallen leaves, twigs and needles is not so great. But it is just something homeowners should do, especially cleaning tree debris out of their gutters.  

See, the purpose of gutters is to divert the rainwater from your roof away from your house.  If the gutters are full of debris or the downspouts are clogged, the gutters do not perform properly and the water from your roof may go under your house, potentially compromising your foundation or flooding your basement.  Clogged gutters can also lead to water damage to your wood trim or siding.  So it is important to occasionally clean out your gutters & downspouts. 

If you don't feel up to the task, you can call us OR consider getting gutter covers. There are a variety of leaf guard gutter protection designs available, but this particular kind offers:

  • Heaviest debris loads with smallest possible holes
  • Locks into hidden hangers and does not disturb shingles
  • Powder-coated micro-mesh aluminum
  • Two center beads for added strength

gutter_leaf_guard.jpg gutter_leaf_guard_2.jpg

May 31, 2013
GAF Roofs for Troops!

GAF Roofing is offering a rebate to the brave men & women of the U.S. Miliatry through its "Roofs for Troops" program. The $300 rebate is available to all active military, veterans & retirees through December 31, 2013. Contact Home Check Plus for more information.  We support our troops!


September 20, 2012
Featured Project: Siding, Roofing & Garage!

This home recieved quite the transformation over the summer. We first replaced the old three tab shingles with Owen's Corning Duration shingles. The existing cedar shake siding was charming, but required too much maintenance. So, we used LP SmartSide to preserve the character of the home. The darker siding color really accentuates the home's features! Next, we demolished the former garage to make room for a bigger & better garage. The client now has space for two vehicles, storage area above and room to spare! A brand new concrete walkway & driveway was the perfect final touch to this home's makeover. 

Exterior - BeforeBefore Exterior - After - LP SmartSide Siding & Owen's Corning Duration ShinglesAfter
Garage - BeforeBefore Garage - After - LP SmartSide Siding & Cedar ShakesAfter

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